The CISPRI Team will provide our Member companies with the most professional, cost-effective contingency plan assistance and spill removal possible. CISPRI personnel will continuously strive toward quality improvements to satisfy evolving expectations and requirements of our Member companies, governmental agencies, and the general public.


Cook Inlet Spill Prevention & Response, Inc. (CISPRI) is a certified Oil Spill Removal Organization (United States Coast Guard OSRO) and State of Alaska Primary Response Action Contractor (PRAC) serving the Cook Inlet region of Alaska. CISPRI is a member-owned, non-profit corporation providing oil spill planning, training, and response services to facilities and vessels throughout the Cook Inlet region.

Spill Response

CISPRI maintains an inventory of response resources strategically located in caches throughout the Cook Inlet region and ready to deploy on behalf of our Member companies. In addition to CISPRI's extensive equipment cache, we have mutual aid agreements in place with other Alaska OSROs to supplement our response capabilities. CISPRI also maintains contracts with spill response professionals to supplement our Incident Management Team during a large incident, vessel owners in the Cook Inlet region to support our on-water response operations, and other response organizations to provide specialized functions such as shoreline assessment, wildlife response, and waste management and disposal.

Planning and Preparedness

CISPRI has developed a Technical Manual containing spill response tactics and supporting information to guide our field response activities. The Technical Manual includes tactics for safety, open water response, nearshore response, shoreline cleanup inland response, tracking and surveillance, dispersant and in-situ burning application, sensitive area protection, wildlife response, waste management, and logistics and planning. Our Technical Manual provides a training and preparedness reference for both CISPRI responders and member companies. We regularly update the Technical Manual to reflect new equipment purchases and changing capabilities.


CISPRI sponsors weekly training intended to continually improve the skill set and knowledge base of our responders and member company personnel. For more information about CISPRI training or to sign up for an upcoming training event, please contact Joan Yeager at (907) 776-5129.

Employment Opportunities